I choose doTERRA essential oils because of their quality, sustainability and education.

CPTG Quality

The quality and integrity of the company you choose matters! doTERRA essential oils are rigorously third-party tested with stricter standards than organic (purity/potency). Free for any and all artificial ingredients, fillers, pesticides or harmful contaminants.

Every doTERRA essential oil bottle has a code which you use as reference to access the quality report for that specific essential oil. Simply type in the code on the Source to You website!

Co Impact Sourcing

Their Co Impact sourcing model is steeped in the cultivation of partnerships with artisans, small-scale growers and distilleries (often in impoverished nations).

It is creating hobs while improving lives of the growers and their families through a stable income from a trustworthy, long-term partner.

Healing Hands Foundation

Their Healing Hands foundation helps to bring healing and hope to the global community and provide them with resources in order to become self reliant.

Healing Hands helps with micro-credit lending, access to healthcare, education, sanitation, clean water, and fighting sex trafficking.


I had a lot of questions when I started using essential oils - how to use them, safety precautions etc. I’m glad that I have a community (with health coaches, nurses, doctors) that can help me with my questions and provide information.

By purchasing doTERRA essential oils from me, you will join a worldwide community where you will be supported and educated on how to incorporate the essential oils into your daily life. Ongoing education is provided in person, online, facebook groups and newsletters.