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If you’re looking for natural solutions for your health and home, you need essential oils! 

Let me take you through the best ways to get these oils into your home.


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Buy a Kit

This is the best, easiest and most cost effective way to get started. There are basic kits already made up with range of essential oils and products. Starter kits include a wholesale membership (usually £24) which means you get 25% discount on future purchases! Trust me, you’ll save lots of money by buying one of these!


Get a Membership

This option is best if you plan to build up your kit slowly. You pay £24 for your membership, then have access to everything at 25% off the retail price. You don’t have to sell product, make monthly orders or any order ever again if you don’t want to. I also recommend getting onto the Loyalty Rewards Program (monthly order box) so you can continue building your kit up.

To get your wholesale membership, click “Buy Oils” button below and select “Join & Save”.


Purchase Retail

This option is best suited for people that just want to give one or two products a go. You do pay more for shopping retail, which is why getting a wholesale membership is such a great idea.

To shop retail, click “Buy Oils” button below and select “Shop”.