Ellen, the add oil mama is an advocate for essential oils and natural living. She started using pure essential oils 7 years ago and has learned how to use them for emotional wellness, reducing toxins in household products and improving immunity of her family. 


She moved to Northern Ireland from New Zealand 3 years ago and decided to share her experience and knowledge with others. She has an online community of members who she supports and teaches ways to use essential oils safely and effectively. She also offers a range of workshops and online tutorials on low tox living, natural wellbeing and emotional wellness. 


By getting a doTERRA membership with Ellen, you'll have access to her worldwide essential oil community for further education on essential oils. 

If you're interested learning about essential oils, please click 'Events' to register for online events where you can learn a range of topics - Essential Oil 101, Green Cleaning, Low Tox Living, Skincare, Sleep Support etc.


If you would like to experience the benefits of pure therapeutic grade essential oils, please see the collections in our shop. We know it can be pricey buying bottles of pure essential oils. That’s why we've created the essential oil blends so that you can use and benefit without having to invest in multiple bottles!


Thank you for following along!

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