Early this year I found out I had a silent miscarriage at my 12 week scan. I was devastated. I lost confidence in my body and in myself. Healing from a loss is so hard. I remember reading an article that my friend wrote about her miscarriage. The emotions she felt. The support she gained. The healing she went through. 


She wrote this:


“When grief hits, Creativity is what makes you feel alive again”


I took her advice and started creating. I went back to my essential oils for their emotional benefits. I love opening a bottle of essential oil and smelling its scent. It can bring back a memory or allow me to feel a positive emotion. I studied the different plants and started blended different essential oils. I came up with a few collections of blends - one in particular is the Mama Collection which I sincerely believe will provide a support to mothers as it did for me and my pregnancies. 


I hope you will enjoy the blends and look forward to hearing how you do with them.


Thank you for your love & support!




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